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Wood-fired Chillie pickle

Updated: Feb 3, 2020

Wood-fired Chillie pickle....

What can be better than a Smokey, spicy Chillie pickle???

Take 1/2 kg fresh, medium spicy green Chillies. (If the chilies are too spicy for your taste, slit and deseed).

Then apply liberal amount of oil of your choice (I used sunflower Oil ).

Spread them out on an Oven proof tray and place them in the Oven. The temperature should be around 150 to 180 deg C. (You can do this while you are preheating you’re brick Oven or in the residual heat after you finish cooking your Pizzas).

Turn the tray once or twice till the Chillies are well cooked and lightly charred.

While the Chillies are roasting in the Oven,

Heat 1/2 cup Oil in a pan.

1. Add 2 tabsp of mustard seeds. Let splutter. Remove from flame. Let cool down for 2 minutes.

2. Add 4 tabsp of raw sesame seeds.

3. 2 tsp of raw Jeera powder.

4. 1 tabsp powdered Sugar.

5. 1-1/2 tabsp Salt (adjust to taste).

6. 1 tsp Heeng powder.

Remove the Chillie tray from the Oven and mix it with the prepared masala. Check seasoning and adjust them according to your taste.

Let cool thoroughly and store in a clean glass jar.

Your Smokey pickle is ready to eat

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