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About us

Terra Forno Ovens - A product by DIFAB Engineering Pvt Ltd
At Terra Forno Ovens , India we manufacture exquisite hand crafted wood & gas fired ovens for restaurants and residences alike.

Proudly developed and made in India , our pizza ovens are designed for fast and accurate assembly, and capable of performing with superior efficiency. The system consists of interlocking modular refractory components which adhere together with masonry mortar and insulated with best material, resulting in an oven which can be very hot on the inside, while retaining a cool surface and safe to handle from the outside. 

Our burner systems are imported from Italy, providing the best in class gas firing and well suited for wood fired ovens with full flame control, and pleasing aesthetics. They are well suited for ventless cooking, by incorporating safety features like thermocouple controlled pilot flame valve.

Get the complete package for your Italian experience!

Oven installation + Training + Cooking + Recipes.   


For more info, write to us.

We are located in Belgaum, Karnataka, INDIA. 

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